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MINI Lifestyle & Merchandise

Whether you're a passionate MINI fan or are looking to treat one you know, we've got the perfect collection. Chic attire. Legions of luggage. Not to mention a Kids Collection including a range of toys that mini MINI fans will go mad for.

MINI Travel & Luggage

MINI Kids Collection

MINI Personal Accessories

MINI Watches

MINI Men's Clothing

MINI Women's Clothing

MINI Miniature Scale Models

The MINI Merchandise Collection

The MINI Lifestyle Collection focuses on the essentials – authentic premium materials and a clear design language. Combined with clever details and surprising extras. Ideal companions for any day and any occasion. Unmistakably MINI.

Find the Perfect Gift

Our range of MINI products is bound to include something that any MINI fan will love. Whether it’s a t-shirt, suitcase, speaker or notebook, the MINI Collection promises to please and delight MINI enthusiasts of all ages. Buying a gift from the MINI Collection ensures you are getting quality merchandise for your loved one.